Milson Park Boat Ramp Upgrade - Kirribilli

GPM has established site and commenced careful deconstruction of the heritage listed sandstone seawall as part of the Milson Park boat ramp upgrade. The Sandstone seawall will be reconstructed using original heritage blocks after the construction of the wider and longer boat ramp.

Narrabeen Ocean Pool Boardwalk Upgrade

GPM has commenced demolition of the old timber boardwalk inside the iconic North Narrabeen Ocean Pool to make way for a new timber boardwalk.

Port Macquarie Wharf Upgrade

GPM has commenced planning and procurement for the Port Macquarie Wharf Upgrade project which includes demolition of existing boat ramp and seawall, removal of 24 steel piles, dredging of the new wharf footprint with the construction of a new timber wharf including 121 new timber piles.

Skiway Park Promenade Renewal

Demolition of the concrete promenade damaged by 2016 storms is complete at Skiway Park Oak Flats and piling has commnced. The first of 92 timber piles installation has commenced

Newcastle Maritime Centre - Timber Pile Repairs

Repairs are underway on timber piles supporting the heritage listed Maritime Centre in the heart of Newcastle Harbour. A combination of specialised grout and epoxy wraps are being used to preserve worn piles.

Newcastle Maritime Centre Repairs & Piling Works

GPM has commenced Newcastle Harbour Maritime Centre Repairs & Piling Works which involves the installation of new sleeved steel piles at the Maritime Centre to allow for construction of a new wharf