Tathra Wharf 2013

Working with Bega Valley shire council GPM Constructions repaired the historical Tathra wharf after 2013 storm damaged two piles. The maintenance work was carried out with minimal disturbance to the adjacent business and wharf users. Piles and timbers were lowered through the deck of the wharf using a small excavator where it was bolted into position. Divers were used to install a Splice Can underwater and carry out an inspection on remaining piles to confirm structural integrity of the wharf.

Mallacoota Ocean Access Boat Ramp and associated Infrastructure

As a $6.5 million major revamp of the Mallacoota area, East Gippsland Shire Council Upgraded the Bastion point boat ramp and associated infrastructure to include:

  • A 60 spaces, car and trailer car park with public toilet block.
  • Construction of an elevate causeway between the end of Bastion Point rd and the newly constructed boat ramp, the eastern side of the causeway was retained by using a combination of geo-bags and rock armour.
  • The proposed boat ramp has a 60m long timber jetty for berthing of vessels.
  • Protecting the boat ramp from the south is a 150m long break wall.

Despite bad weather and opposition from a small minority group that attempted to disrupt operations the project was completed on time and within budget.


Byrons Lane Slip

Prior to commencement of works, GPM Constructions worked together with RMS to shut down the northbound lane of the Pacific highway so that the existing ArcelorMittal Z section sheet pile wall could be extended at the northern end of the project. 

As a preferred contractor for RMS GPM was invited to tender for the Byrons Lane Slip project. This is a portion of the pacific highway in Tyndale that is consistently slipping into the Clarence river, previous attempts at remediation have failed. The project is designed to rectify the problem once and for all by driving 215 x 350 diameter toe Koppers timber piles into the river bed to retain the rock backfill that has been scheduled to be placed to help stabilize the embankment. 

Through the success of the project GPM was awarded the rock ballast placement portion of the project, a materials barge was used to transport over 12000 ton of rock across the Clarence River where it was placed and battered to support the slipping embankment. 

Kiama Harbour Wharf Extension

Stage 2 of the Kiama Harbour revitalization works was awarded to GPM Constructions for our capability to drill and drive timber piles into blue stone basalt rock. Our innovative thinking enabled us to drill and drive all our piles to the required depth from the land and extend the existing timber wharf by approx 60m.


Alison Rd Wyong

As part of the bank stabilization works to Alison Rd, GPM was contracted by Wyong Shire Council to drill and socket 68, 12.5m long steel piles to a finish height of 600mm below water level. Piles were then concrete in-filled and HDPE sleeved. Approximately 4000 ton of rock was placed behind and in front of the semi contiguous wall to provide additional support for the bank stabilization works.

Balmain High School

GPM constructed a 10m long aluminum gangway and floating pontoon for Balmain Secondary College. All components were pre-fabricated off site, transported to a nearby boat ramp where it was launched from a barge and fixed into position.

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Eden Police Wharf

NSW police required an essential upgrade of their Eden Police Jetty. Together with Land & Marine Engineering Consulting, GPM Constructions designed and constructed the 20m long timber wharf alteration complete with electrical and fire fighting services. The $200,000 project was intended to improve the safety and usability to an important NSW police asset and was carried out on time and within budget.

Drummoyne Seapool

In 2012 Marist Brothers College in Drummoyne requested GPM refurbish their dilapidated sea pool. Majority of the sea wall was restored with a new layer of steel and concrete while the outer portion most vulnerable to wave action had to be totally reconstructed. The works required extensive under water dredging, formwork and placement of stainless steel reinforcement and concrete. 

Camp Sapper Harbour Pontoon

A 50lm x 3.5m wide floating pontoon and aluminum gangway was designed, supplied and installed by GPM for Brookfield Multiplex at Camp Sapper. The components were fabricated at our facility and transported to site where it was lifted into place and installed to the pre-driven piles.

Sydney Ferry Dry Dock

GPM poured new 2500m concrete slab for Balmain Shipyards / Sydney Ferries Dry Dock  

Cottage Point Marina

Demolition of existing marina and construction of entire new facility including extensive piering through existing land reclamation for new foundations.


Excavation Of 400 Cubic Meters Of Rock By Barge And Construction Of New Boathouse, Including The Underpinning Of Existing Wet Edge Pool.

Toronto Baths

Refurbishment of existing swimming baths including the addition of 2 new lower level decks and structural bracing of existing piers.  

Wardell Jetty 

Demolition of existing jetty and construction of new jetty and aluminium stairs.


GPM Undertook the $150,000 dredging works at Kanahooka bay.  A total of 3300m3 of material was extracted from the sea bed and displaced in a budded area on land.  This area was levelled out and reclaimed as new parkland.

King Street Wharf

GPM carried out $500,000 refurbishment works for Sydney Ferries on Sydney's popular Kings St Wharf. Works involved extensive structural modifications to the existing wharf to allow for the installation of the new steel and glass ticket gate and passenger shelter. GPM was also engaged to design fabricate and install the new gate masters office and the installation of the integrated ticket vending machines. Works was staged around peak hour vessel timetables and wharf closures was kept to a minimum.


GPM was given the responsibility by Bega Valley Council to carry out the $1.5 million refurbishment works to Merimbula public jetty. Whilst onsite GPM was also engaged to completely rebuild the local whale watching operator's marina while the old wharf was kept open during works. The finger comes out 50m from shore to the head of the jetty which is 300m2 with a ramp and pontoon. GPM had to completely demolish the existing jetty, drive more than 70 piles into the seabed creating a new structure in the existing location. All piles were driven, from GPM's pile rig, and the tops were domed to increase the overall aesthetic appearance. A specially ordered mesh decking was sourced from Canada to provide the finishing touches on what is considered to be the pride of the town. 

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