Civil Projects

North Steyne

GPM was contracted by Manly city council to remove the excess rock that was left over from the seawall restoration work on the famous North Steyne beach. GPM used a 20t excavator and moxy to screen the beach down to 10mm fines and remove the rock from the beach around the corner to Queens cliff where it was removed and taken to a council designated depot. The project was carried out with minimal impact to the international tourism spot and restored the aesthetic look of one of Australia's most iconic beaches.


GPM was requested by Manly council to conduct dredging maintenance works on Clontarf Beach. Over time sand would wash up onto the beach and rendered the pool enclosure there unusable during low tide. A total of 3600m3 of dredged material was pulled out and relocated down the southern end of the beach. This also improved the accessibility of the walkway at the southern end, as during high tide pedestrians were forced to detour back onto the footpath. The maintenance works were designed to have a 20 year life and was carried out with in time and budget.

Manly Nolan Reserve

 GPM was responsible for the removal of 6000t of dredged sediment from Manly Lagoon and rehabilitation of sports fields.

Narrabeen lagoon Clearance Operation 2011

Maintenance dredge of Narrabeen lagoon entrance, 45,000cu.m of sand was dredged using GPS technology and carted to Collaroy beach replenishment sites.

Rainwater harvesting basin Balgowlah Golf Course

GPM were engaged for the construction of a 6 mega litre rainwater harvesting basin on Balgowlah Golf Course, Works included the excavation of fill and bedrock and the construction of compacted berm walls for the containment of the HDPE lined basin. 
Works also included the regrading of adjacent fairways and redirection of existing natural water courses.

Camp Sapper Harbour Dredge

Prior to the installation of the Harbour pontoons at Camp sapper GPM was required to excavate approx 30000m3 of ASS contaminated material from the base of the Harbour relocated to a stockpile area on site where it was treated and capped.